Mastering is the finishing touch of music production. The main goal of mastering is to reach the industry standards of loudness, frequency response of a mix, and to prepare playback for all systems, formats, and platforms. Usually, mastering is done using a compressor, stereo enhancer, “EQ” and limiters.

This process is necessary for those, who want to release their song on all streaming services, CD’s, Vinyl, etc.

Our professional team of mastering engineers work with all music genres, all kinds of projects and provide a professional mastering service according to “RIAA” and industry quality standards.

We have done mastering for more than 1000 projects. Our releases can be heard on any platform, on most radio stations, mixtapes, labels or even in a cinema. So, move with the masters! We know how to do mastering for your song!
Benefits of mastering:

  • Ability to release your song
  • Improve the sound
  • Consulting for your mix
  • Reach the industry standard for loudness levels
  • Correct frequency response
  • Make your album balanced

Check out our before/after samples!

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How can I place an order for mastering?
  1. First of all you need to export stems from your DAW.
  2. Then, please zip your files.
  3. Choose the service you’re interested in.
  4. Fill in all fields. Choose the quantity of songs and stems.
  5. Leave a note (any wishes for a mix and references).
  6. Upload zipped files and a demo mix (if you have).
  7. Proceed to Checkout.
What is the price?

You can check the price for your project in the Order Window. Please, choose the quantity of songs and addons (if needed) to check the price for the exact project.

How to prepare my song for mastering?

Please bypass all the processing from the master bus. Make sure, that the peak values are no louder than -6dB. Files should be delivered as a 24 or 32 bit .wav file at their native sample rates.

Should I send a reference track?

You may send us a reference track to show us the sound you like. If there are no reference tracks – no worries, we will pick up something similar to your song.

How many revisions do I have?

You will have 3 revision sessions.

Which genres do you work with?

We work with any genre. We have a team of mixing engineers, which have a lot of experience in mixing and mastering almost all genres.

Where are you located?

Our main office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also we are cooperating with different engineers around the world.

Will mastering improve my sound?

Mastering is the process of finalization, and preparing the track for distribution. It will definitely help your music sound in industry loudness, equalization curve, etc. In some cases it will help improve your sound, but a mastering engineer can’t fix mixing mistakes. You can choose the Stem Mastering option if you feel that your mix needs help, but you don’t want to change a lot.

What is Stem Mastering?

Stem mastering is a process where a mastering engineer creates a final master using pre rendered buses as drums, bass, accompaniment, vocals and background vocals.
So in this case mastering engineer has more abilities to fix some mistakes and improve overall sound. However, I would certainly recommend working to get the mix to be as close to finished as possible, rather than adopt the “just fix it in post” attitude.

What is Mastering for iTunes and Mastering for Spotify?

Mastering for Spotify- mastering according to the requirements of Spotify. Mostly it’s about volume. It helps your track to sound better on Spotify, because a regular master can be over compressed in some cases for this platform.
Apple Digital Masters – they had a different format – AAC, which requires a different headroom and approach. This format provides the best audio quality to the customers. This add on is not applicable for regular iTunes release. Choose this option if you want to release your music with the Apple Digital Masters badge. Also the Apple Digital Masters file can’t be created in a simple mastering house. You need to master it at an Apple Official Mastering house.
We’re happy to say that Major Mixing is an Apple Certified Mastering House!

Do you have bulk deals?

Sure! We have discounts for bulk deals. The size of the discount depends on the quantity of songs. You can always check it in the order window.

Can I contact you for additional information?

Of course! You can contact us via Live Chat on the website, email: [email protected] facebook: instagram: @major_mixing.