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From $61

Working our magic includes balancing track components, changing frequency content, panning, dynamic boosting and adding special effects such as reverb, delay and more.


From $40

Applying dynamic compression and equalization for playback optimization on all audio systems

Complete Mixing and Mastering

From $92

By combining the most advanced mixing and mastering techniques the song is creatively processed until the final sound spectrum is as wide and enhanced as the sound of any major track played on commercial radio.

Upgrade Mixing and Mastering

From $244

Creative analysis and arrangement for the complete mix utilizing analog gear and digital editing techniques and plugins to reach the highest level of music production

Manual Vocal Editing

From $55

Manual Vocal Editing is pitch correction using a combination of Melodyne, Autotune, VariAudio, ReVoicePro, Waves Tune to create soft-sounding vocals with perfect pitch.

Music Editing

From $49

Music Editing is replacing audio samples (kick, snare, bass, vocals, etc) to increase the overall quality of sound. Also we are performing time alignment of instruments such as guitars and drums.

Radio editing

From $19

Removing curse words. Preparing song for release on the Radio.

Stem replacement

From $24

This is for replacing sounds after the mixing and mastering process is completed.

Mastering for iTunes

From $40

Professional mastering service which provides an AAC format file with expanded headroom and custom-tailored frequency response according to Apple Digital Master requirements.

Mastering for Spotify

From $40

Applying dynamic compression and equalization for playback optimization on all audio systems

Stem mastering

From $89

Stem mastering provides greater abilities to the mastering engineer to fix various mistakes and improve the overall sound by utilizing pre-rendered buses for drums, bass, vocals and accompanying instruments.


From $49

Professional consulting service for musicians. For those who need help with the production stage.