Mixing and Mastering Services in Switzerland

We live in the 21st century, so it all goes online: every day, we buy groceries through Amazon, watch stories on Instagram, connect with friends on Zoom. It’s very convenient. That’s why online mixing and mastering solutions are a perfect choice nowadays, too.
It’s inarguable that the capital of Switzerland has a vibrant music scene and has always been richly endowed with talented musicians, producers, and, we can assure you, mastering and mixing engineers, too. If you’re located in Switzerland, hire one of the experts from our company. We are always ready to serve you, we’re open to all your suggestions and requests. You can be sure that our specialists will deliver a great result on time!




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The professionals working in our studio have more than 10 years of experience. Thousands of artists and labels chose us, and we pride ourselves in having provided them with a great service. Here are some of our international clients: Universal Music, Fools Gold Records, Best Music, Warner Music, Eurovision Contest and many more.


What Our Clients Say About Us


We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service and excellent support. Our success is measured by results but also by what our clients say about their experience with our company. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us. Thousands of happy clients have been leaving their feedback about our work on different platforms. You can read some of these reviews on trustpilot.com, reviews.io or Facebook.

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A great specialist, ready to go for any experiments with sound. They understand all the nuances and details! And what is most important – they feel the direction of sound, concept, and style! Love, peace!

Highly recommend !!!


If you need fast, professional , friendly mixing and mastering engineers Major Mixing is the way to go. There are never any issues and they do whatever it takes to get the job done! I work with them exclusively because the quality is always on point!



Max proved to be a professional and responsible mix engineer. He mixed my second album and I’m really happy with the result. He feels music style, has the right reaction to my edits, and careful attitude to our work.

Definitely a great collaboration!


We have been cooperating with Major Mixing for several years. We are very happy with every song. A true professional in his field!


Jeesee Suarez

Major Mixing is the place...we are very happy with their amazing sound!!! Thank U...more hits coming!!!

Love & respect!!

Virliana Dieniar

I'm very satisfied with the services of Major Mixing.

Thank you for working on my song

Keats Beats
Keats Beats

Awesome service. Very quick and amazing work.

Highly recommended.

Buskin Allred
Buskin Allred

Major Mixing mixed and mastered my song and it sounded amazing! Will definitely come back. the mix made it sound much more balanced and the way it was mastered sounds made my song sound much more professional.


Master Mello
Master Mello

Thanks, the song is sounding wonderful. Great customer service and quick turnaround time.

Keep it up!!!

Emir Kaynak
Emir Kaynak

The guys really know what they do. My track sounds so powerful after they work on it.

Thank u Major Mixing. ❤

Jerald Winborne
Jerald Winborne

Great service! Very cooperative and have the best quality-sounding recordings

Alexander Feng
Alexander Feng

Good and friendly response, satisfying results!


Emir Kaynak
Abby Oyono

Great service, the turnaround was fast and they perfectly understood all my requests although it was my first time with a professional mixing service. The final result was really good.

I definitely recommend them

Jerald Winborne
Christian Corsini

If you want to give life to your sound, here is the best solution!Fast service very good technical support!

Alexander Feng
Larry Kamikaze

Great professional Master/Mix. Took my project from Clark Kent To Superman. Exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Major Mixing to anyone who is looking for a clean professional sound.

Yes I will use Major Mixing again

Emir Kaynak
Antonio Turiello

Has been a big pleasure work with them, Max is very experienced in mixing and mastering, always available and ready to rectify the track.

Perfect job and performance!!!!

Jerald Winborne
Slick Brown

My mix sounded excellent. better than I expected. Nice price and good service.

Alexander Feng
Alex Edge

Fantastic results. Insanely quick turnaround and attention to detail is unmatched.

Highly Recommend!

Emir Kaynak
Cecil Andre Van Lare

Solid people. They real talk are hella diligent in the engineering game. Give them every detail and they'll adhere to it to the T.


Jerald Winborne

It’s always a pleasure work with Major mixing team. They’re courtently mixing my album and he’s out of this world...

Everything is perfect, World class!

John Marques
John Marques

A very professional and patient service. Max worked fast and efficiently to deliver the results we needed with good communication regarding revisions. A great job and would be happy to work with in the future.

Mixing and Mastering Services In Switzerland



From $61

Working our magic includes balancing track components, changing frequency content, panning, dynamic boosting and adding special effects such as reverb, delay, filters and more


From $40

Applying dynamic compression and equalization for playback optimization on all audio systems

Complete Mixing and Mastering

From $92

By combining the most advanced mixing and mastering techniques the song is creatively processed until the final sound spectrum is as wide and enhanced as the sound of any major track played on commercial radio.

Upgrade Mixing and Mastering

From $244

Creative analysis and arrangement for the complete mix utilizing analog gear and digital editing techniques and plugins to reach the highest level of music production


The digital era provides independent artists with so many opportunities. If you want to become a famous musician, feel free to try. But the competition is tough – hundreds of thousands of songs are uploaded to Spotify and similar platforms daily. Only if your track is impeccable, its chances to get noticed and help its creator or performer make money increase.
If you’re a musician in Switzerland and your goal is to make your song unique, our professionals can offer you the best mixing and mastering service.
You could be located in any big city in Switzerland – Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Basel or Lausanne. Our experts are always ready to help you.

Would you like your songs sound on the radio stations or release it on labels?
NRJ Energy Bern is the most popular radio station in Bern. As for Zurich, the most famous radio station in the city is Radio SRF Musikwelle. Basel’s inhabitants love Radio Swiss Jazz radio station. People in Lausanne like to listen to RTS La Premiere, and Geneva’s most listened-to radio station is One FM.
There are many record labels in Switzerland. Here are some of them: Brambus Records, Hat Hut Records, Plainisphare, Purple Music Switzerland.

In other words, if you hire our mixing and mastering engineers, soon people will listen to your song on the radio not only in Switzerland but also worldwide!

Mixing Services In the Switzerland


Mixing is very important to make your music perfect. It’s the first step to take if you want to create a great song. It involves balancing out various elements of the track; it can include compression, EQ, delay or reverb effects.
If you have separate vocals, bass, drums, we will help you get an amazing mix creating the best tonal picture, so that your song will sound great on all platforms, systems and devices it’s played on.
What tools will be used depends on the genre, distribution strategy and the format the composition is going to be released in. The artist should communicate to the mix engineer what effects they want the track to have. We need to know exactly what the customer wants to deliver the best result.
We love what we do and we take it seriously. Just provide us with your stem, and we’ll mix your track “out of the box”. We’re happy to experiment with new tones and search for the right moves to create something unique for each client, yet we never overdo it when it comes to processing the composition and putting effects in it.
Make your track stand out thanks to mixing virtuosos at majormixing.com!

Mastering Services In the Switzerland


Once your composition has been mixed, the experts from our team can offer you mastering services.
A mastering engineer needs to be a critical listener, and, of course, creative and organised. He has to see the big picture and figure out how to resample, arrange, adjust levels for conversion, normalise loudness, and order the signal path and what to add or change for the song to hit the volatile music market.
Thanks to top-notch analog & digital equipment and facilities, and, of course, their multiannual experience, talent and skills, our engineers are the best in Switzerland. They have spent many years developing their skills. It’s worth mentioning that all our professionals have been certified by Apple. With our help, you can release your track in Apple Digital Masters.
Upon completion of the project, our engineers provide the client with final mastered files in MP3 or any other desired format, according to the standard industry levels and optimised for the various streaming platforms. That is to say, your song will be flawless.
Music sounds better with us!


What is mixing and mastering?

Mixing is the first step to take when creating your music. It’s the process of blending recorded tracks: thanks to tools like compression, EQ, reverbs and panning, a mix engineer emphasises key track elements, tightens its grooves and balances it all. But, most importantly, he makes the song sound emotional using different effects and creates something beautiful that holds listeners’ attention and pulls their heartstrings, so to speak.

Once the mixing is done, we move on to the next step which is mastering. It is the process of preparing an audio mix for distribution, according to world standards; a mastering engineer’s job is to put the finishing touches to the project, to make enhancements and adjustments (frequency response, loudness, dynamic range, etc.) to the mix.

Who Is a Mixing and Mastering Engineer?

It’s an expert skilled in the field of mixing and mastering tracks. Our engineers have extensive experience working with large commercial projects. Their expertise meets all the quality standards of Apple Music.

Where in Switzerland Can I Do Mixing and Mastering?

In all the big cities in the country - Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne or online.

How Long Does Mixing and Mastering Take?

Our mixing studio professionals take an individual approach to each session because high quality is our main priority.

At the same time, we understand that a fast turnaround is important for our clients. Usually, it takes us 2-3 business days to complete one song, 1 day to make revisions if needed. We need 1 extra day if the manual vocal editing option is required.

How Much Does Mixing and Mastering Cost in Switzerland?

At majormixing.com, we focus on meeting all our clients’ expectations and striving for the highest sound quality. Our prices are affordable, we reward our loyal customers. Our company constantly works on offering you the best value for money. The final price depends on many factors such as difficulty and size of the project so feel free to contact us via LiveChat for price inquiries.


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