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Our team provides music production, mixing, and mastering consulting services.

Since we began our activity, we have done mixing, mastering for a huge amount of music. They were in absolutely different genres, countries, recording quality, size of projects, labels. So we know which challenges a musician has before releasing industry quality songs.

We know which sound quality is required for music labels, radios, and audiences. Sometimes it’s not enough just to send your music to a great mixing and mastering studio. Amazing sound consists of a great arrangement, right samples, good recording quality, correct mixing, and mastering. Any of these steps can make or break your record. One mistake on each of these steps will migrate to the end and will limit your sound potential.

The music industry is a really competitive place. There are tons of professionals in creating content and sound. It’s really hard to challenge it by yourself.

In most cases, an artist can’t adequately access their sound, cause they spend a lot of time creating music and they become biased.
That’s why we started doing music consulting for our customers. We want our family to sound amazing!

So, if you’re an artist, producer, composer, or beat maker and you’re looking for the next level for your sound – You’re in the right place!
We’re here to help you easily create an amazing-sounding project!

Now you can order music consulting and send us your music and our top nominated mixing or mastering engineers will listen and perform a detailed analysis of your music track.

We already have done music consulting for most of our customers and results are amazing.

After that, we will provide you a detailed text notes with all recommendations regarding, recording, arrangement, samples, mixing, mastering, etc.

Our team will tell you, what exactly you need to change, replace, re-record, or even if you need to start from scratch. We also will optimize our recommendations according to your budget, so don’t worry we will not simply tell you – Hire an expensive arranger, beat maker, mixing, or mastering engineer.

Our music consulting will fit with any project’s size or budget. We can tell you where exactly you can find the correct sounds, libraries for your song. Which recording studios, you need to choose how to make some things by yourself, etc.

Simply fill this form, upload your music, write your question here.

Move with the masters! You won’t be disappointed!

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